Schedule & Results, Roy Beachey Memorial Rep, 2018-2019 (Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc.)

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Friday, October 19, 2018
ATM-A19:15 AMCOM St. Mary's Rock4-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BAN-A (XOVER)210:00 AMMEM West Grey 2-1Ilderton Jets
NOV-A310:15 AMCOM Saugeen Shores Storm9-1Delhi Rockets
BAN-B (XOVER)411:15 AMMEM Listowel Cyclones1-2Belmont Rangers
NOV-A511:15 AMCOM Six Nations 0-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATM-A612:15 PMCOM Listowel Cyclones0-4Saugeen Shores Storm
BAN-A (XOVER)712:30 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks2-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW-A81:15 PMCOM Kincardine Kinucks1-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes
MID-A (XOVER)91:45 PMMEM South Huron Sabres2-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW-A102:15 PMCOM Saugeen Shores Storm5-1Huntsville Otters
MID-B (XOVER)113:00 PMMEM St. Mary's Rock1-1Listowel
ATM-A123:15 PMCOM Listowel Cyclones1-9Tillsonburg Tornadoes
MID-A (XOVER)134:15 PMMEM Belmont Rangers1-2Mitchell Meteors
NOV-A144:15 PMCOM Saugeen Shores Storm2-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
NOV-A155:15 PMCOM Six Nations 2-0Delhi Rockets
BAN-A165:30 PMMEM Listowel Cyclones0-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATM-A176:15 PMCOM St. Mary's Rock2-2Saugeen Shores Storm
BAN-B186:45 PMMEM West Grey 6-2Belmont Rangers
Saturday, October 20, 2018
BAN-A (XOVER)198:00 AMMEM Kincardine Kinucks5-0Ilderton Jets
MID-A209:15 AMMEM St. Mary's Rock1-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATM-A219:15 AMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-4Saugeen Shores Storm
PW-A2210:15 AMCOM Saugeen Shores Storm0-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
MID-B2310:30 AMMEM Belmont Rangers1-1Listowel
PW-A2411:15 AMCOM Kincardine Kinucks1-2Huntsville Otters
MID-A (XOVER)2511:45 AMMEM South Huron Sabres1-4Mitchell Meteors
NOV-A2612:15 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes6-1Delhi Rockets
BAN-A (XOVER)271:00 PMMEM West Grey 2-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATM-A281:15 PMCOM St. Mary's Rock4-1Listowel Cyclones
BAN-B292:15 PMMEM Kincardine Kinucks5-0Belmont Rangers
PW-A302:15 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes6-1Huntsville Otters
NOV-A313:15 PMCOM Six Nations 2-9Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-A (XOVER)323:30 PMMEM Belmont Rangers2-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW-A334:15 PMCOM Kincardine Kinucks0-5Saugeen Shores Storm
BAN-A344:45 PMMEM Listowel Cyclones0-4Ilderton Jets
MID-B356:00 PMMEM South Huron Sabres1-4Listowel
MID-A367:15 PMMEM St. Mary's Rock2-1Mitchell Meteors
Sunday, October 21, 2018
BAN-SEMI378:00 AMMEM Ilderton Jets5-2Kincardine Kinucks
NOV-SEMI388:15 AMCOM Delhi Rockets1-9Saugeen Shores Storm
BAN-SEMI399:15 AMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-2West Grey
NOV-SEMI409:15 AMCOM Six Nations 0-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
ATM-SEMI4110:15 AMCOM Listowel Cyclones2-3Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-SEMI4210:30 AMMEM St. Mary's Rock1-2Listowel
ATM-SEMI4311:15 AMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-0St. Mary's Rock
MID-SEMI4411:45 AMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-0Mitchell Meteors
PW-SEMI4512:15 PMCOM Kincardine Kinucks1-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
BAN-FINAL461:00 PMMEM Ilderton Jets2-1West Grey
PW-SEMI471:15 PMCOM Huntsville Otters1-4Saugeen Shores Storm
MID-FINAL482:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes5-2Listowel
NOV-FINAL492:15 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-4Saugeen Shores Storm
ATM-FINAL503:15 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes3-5Saugeen Shores Storm
PW-FINAL513:30 PMMEM Saugeen Shores Storm3-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes
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