Schedule & Results, Max Partlo Memorial LL/HL, 2018-2019 (Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc.)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, March 22, 2019
BTM-A18:00 AMMEM Langton Leafs2-3West London Hawks
PW-A28:00 AMNCC Tillsonburg Tornadoes #11-2Ilderton Jets
ATM-A38:00 AMLAN Tillsonburg Tornadoes #15-0Port Stanley Sailors
NOV-A48:15 AMCOM Ilderton Jets3-0Aylmer Flames
PW-A069:00 AMNCC Dresden Jr. Kings White3-6Welland Leafs
BTM-A59:00 AMMEM Manver Mustangs4-3Embro Edge White
ATM-B79:00 AMLAN Lambeth Lancers0-2Ingersoll Anderson Appliance #3
NOV-A89:15 AMCOM Tillsonburg #2 Tornadoes2-3Tillsonburg #1 Tornadoes
PW-A1010:00 AMNCC Tillsonburg Tornadoes #21-5Lambton Shores Predators
ATM-A1110:00 AMLAN New Hamburg Huskies LL #41-1South Huron Sabres
BTM-A910:00 AMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #12-4Petrolia Oilers
PW-B1210:15 AMCOM Port Colborne Sailors3-7Wassaga Beach Stars
BTM-B1311:00 AMMEM Embro Edge Red3-2Ilderton Jets
PW-B1411:00 AMNCC Wallaceburg Lakers0-9New Hamburg Huskies
ATM-B1511:00 AMLAN Tillsonburg Tornadoes #31-7Dorchester Dragons LL #1
PW-B1611:15 AMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #33-4Aylmer Flames Red
BTM-B1712:15 PMMEM TNT Tornados1-0Waterford Wildcats
PW-A1812:15 PMNCC Ilderton Jets6-0Welland Leafs
ATM-B1912:15 PMLAN Ingersoll Anderson Appliance #30-3Tillsonburg Tornadoes #2
NOV-A2012:30 PMCOM Tillsonburg #2 Tornadoes1-8Ilderton Jets
BTM-B211:15 PMMEM Delhi Rockets4-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes #2
PW-A221:15 PMNCC Lambton Shores Predators5-0Tillsonburg Tornadoes #1
ATM-A231:15 PMLAN Port Stanley Sailors3-5New Hamburg Huskies LL #4
NOV-A241:30 PMCOM Tillsonburg #1 Tornadoes5-0Aylmer Flames
BTM-A252:15 PMMEM West London Hawks0-3New Hamburg Huskies
PW-A262:15 PMNCC Dresden Jr. Kings White7-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes #2
ATM-B272:15 PMLAN Dorchester Dragons LL #11-3Lambeth Lancers
PW-B282:30 PMCOM Aylmer Flames Red8-3Port Colborne Sailors
BTM-A293:15 PMMEM Petrolia Oilers1-3Manver Mustangs
PW-B303:30 PMCOM Wassaga Beach Stars1-2New Hamburg Huskies
BTM-B314:30 PMMEM Ilderton Jets3-2Welland Snipers #3
PW-B324:45 PMCOM Wallaceburg Lakers1-6Tillsonburg Tornadoes #3
BTM-B335:30 PMMEM Waterford Wildcats0-6Embro Edge Red
BTM-A345:45 PMCOM New Hamburg Huskies1-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes #1
BTM-B356:30 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #20-8TNT Tornados
ATM-B366:45 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #22-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes #3
ATM-A377:45 PMMEM South Huron Sabres4-1Ingersoll Canadian Tire #2
BTM-A388:00 PMCOM Embro Edge White1-0Langton Leafs
BTM-B398:45 PMMEM Welland Snipers #33-0Delhi Rockets
Saturday, March 23, 2019
ATM-A408:00 AMMEM Ingersoll Canadian Tire #21-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes #1
PW-A419:00 AMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #23-3Ilderton Jets
PW-B4210:00 AMMEM New Hamburg Huskies2-5Aylmer Flames Red
PW-A4311:00 AMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #15-4Dresden Jr. Kings White
PW-B4411:15 AMCOM Port Colborne Sailors6-3Wallaceburg Lakers
PW-A4512:15 PMMEM Welland Leafs1-7Lambton Shores Predators
ATM-A4612:30 PMCOM Port Stanley Sailors2-4South Huron Sabres
PW-B471:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #33-4Wassaga Beach Stars
NOV-A481:30 PMCOM Aylmer Flames2-3Tillsonburg #2 Tornadoes
BTM-A492:15 PMMEM Embro Edge White7-0West London Hawks
NOV-A502:30 PMCOM Ilderton Jets5-1Tillsonburg #1 Tornadoes
BTM-A513:15 PMMEM Manver Mustangs5-0Langton Leafs
ATM-A (XOVER)523:30 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #22-1Ingersoll Canadian Tire #2
BTM-A534:30 PMMEM New Hamburg Huskies4-2Petrolia Oilers
ATM-A544:45 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #15-5New Hamburg Huskies LL #4
BTM-B555:30 PMMEM Waterford Wildcats0-3Ilderton Jets
ATM-B565:45 PMCOM Dorchester Dragons LL #17-1Ingersoll Anderson Appliance #3
BTM-B576:30 PMMEM TNT Tornados2-6Embro Edge Red
ATM-B586:45 PMCOM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #32-5Lambeth Lancers
BTM-B597:45 PMMEM Welland Snipers #311-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes #2
BTM-A (XOVER)608:00 PMCOM Delhi Rockets1-1Tillsonburg Tornadoes #1
Sunday, March 24, 2019
PW618:00 AMMEM New Hamburg Huskies0-6Lambton Shores Predators
NOV-SEMI628:15 AMCOM Aylmer Flames0-2Ilderton Jets
PW639:00 AMMEM Ilderton Jets4-0Aylmer Flames Red
NOV-SEMI649:15 AMCOM Tillsonburg #2 Tornadoes1-2Tillsonburg #1 Tornadoes
BTM6510:00 AMMEM Welland Snipers #31-2Manver Mustangs
ATM6610:15 AMCOM South Huron Sabres3-2Dorchester Dragons LL #1
BTM6711:00 AMMEM New Hamburg Huskies0-1Embro Edge Red
ATM6811:15 AMCOM Lambeth Lancers3-5Tillsonburg Tornadoes #1
NOV-FINAL6912:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg #1 Tornadoes0-5Ilderton Jets
PW701:15 PMMEM Ilderton Jets1-3Lambton Shores Predators
ATM712:15 PMMEM Tillsonburg Tornadoes #11-4South Huron Sabres
BTM723:15 PMMEM Embro Edge Red1-2Manver Mustangs
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