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Feb 01, 2023 | Tracy Whelan | 6817 views
Town Hall on Amalagamation

   TMHI will be hosting a Town Hall Information and Q&A session on Wednesday, February 15th from 6-8pm in the Lion's Den. This meeting will be an open session for questions to be raised to the amalgamation committee. 

We will then hold a membership vote on the Amalgamation the following Wednesday, February, 22nd from 7-9pm in the Lion's Den.

FAQ Document is enclosed - click here to access or read below.


What will the new association be called?

If the vote is yes, we will be called South Oxford Minor Hockey (SOMH). Team name, colours, logos are TBD at this time.

Is the amalgamation happening automatically?

No. The decision of amalgamation is the responsibility of each voting member of both Tillsonburg and Ingersoll Minor Hockey. Each association must hold their own vote.

How does amalgamation happen?

Once a general agreement (including by-laws, centre point and boundaries) in principle is reached then it must be taken back to each Board and approved, with or without amendments. Once approved; the general agreement must be presented to both Associations In a special AGM to get members approval. Both Ingersoll and Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Associations must approve by a 2/3rds vote from their respective members to proceed with the amalgamation.

What happens if the amalgamation is voted down or not approved?
Tillsonburg Minor Hockey would continue on its own, as an “A” centre, and Ingersoll would continue as a “B” centre on its own.

If the vote is yes to amalgamate, when does it start?

We would officially amalgamate for the start of the 2023-2024 season, pending OMHA approval in March 2023.

Who can vote?

As per the TMHI constitution, all TMHI members can vote. A TMHI member is defined as: An adult(s) who acts in the parental role of a player or who is an active, registered TMHI volunteer. Each family who has a registered player(s) may have only two (2) parents who represent their player’s interest in a vote. This means: Every TMHI registered player can have a maximum of two (2) parental votes, and every registered TMHI volunteer gets one (1) vote.  You cannot vote twice if you are a volunteer and a parent.


Where will my players have practice or games?

Throughout a season, Rep teams may have to rotate which arena they practice and have games at.  Each team might take turns playing in Tillsonburg or Ingersoll. Local League will continue to play games and practices in their home centre and will be unchanged by the amalgamation.

What if I am in a right of choice area according to the new centre point?

Right of choice will open up for any member within the designated area to re-sign or leave the new organization. Once a right of choice player signs onto the organization they are considered a lifetime member.

What will the centre point be for the new organization?

What league will we play in?

The OMHA has not confirmed what league SOMH teams will be apart of at this time.


Why amalgamate with our neighbouring centre?

As centre classes change in our area, we’re looking for ways to offer the best solutions that will allow hockey to continue to thrive in our community. Amalgamation would help each association offer a hockey program that maximizes player development and fun in part by fielding teams comprised of players with consistent ability at every level. TMHI has been reclassified as an “A” centre starting in 2023/2024. Amalgamation with Ingersoll allows more players to develop with like-skilled players and allows us to field more competitive rep teams as well as BB teams.


Will the new centre have its own Board of Directors?

Yes, the amalgamated centre will have a Board comprised of an equitable number of Directors from each centre.


What teams will be offered in the Rep program?
In a successful amalgamation with Ingersoll, there will be ‘A’ rep teams in 2023/2024 in: U10 (2014), U11 (2013), U12 (2012), U13 (2011), U14 (2010), U15 (2009), U16 (2008), U18 (2006-2007), and U21 (2003-2005). We will also have second entry (AE) BB teams in U11, U13, U15 and U18. The A teams will mainly be comprised of single birth year cohorts, while the BB teams will be double birth year cohorts.


How will coaches be selected?

Coaches will be selected by a committee comprised of independent evaluators and an equal amount of board members from each centre.


How will teams be selected?

The teams will be selected by a committee comprised of the Coach, unbiased independent evaluators, and equal amount of board members from the original centre.

Will there be a fixed number of Players from each Association on each Rep team?
No, it is not realistic to set fixed player numbers from each Association. Player selection will be based on player ability/skill. This ensures consistency in talent/skill amongst selected player groups and provides for strong/competitive team structures that are fun and exciting to play within.


Will Local League players be eligible to be an Affiliated Player “AP” to the Amalgamated Rep team?

Yes, players form Local League organizations will be eligible for AP opportunities.


Will players from surrounding areas be eligible to try-out for the ‘A’ Rep teams via the NRP?
Yes. As an “A” level centre, the Rep teams would be allowed to roster players from outside its territory as “import players” at U12 and above. The OMHA restricts the number of NRP/Import players to 3 per team. Whether there is a successful amalgamation, or not, TMHI or SOMH will be eligible to accept NRP’s as per the OMHA guidelines.


Can I still tryout for AAA or A/AA elsewhere?

Permission to skate forms will still be issued for AAA tryouts. As lateral movement is not permitted, the OMHA will no longer provide TMHI NRP forms for TMHI players to tryout for A/AA teams. Whether there is a successful amalgamation with Ingersoll, or not, per OMHA regulations any current TMHI players on an NRP for the 2022/2023 season with an A/AA centre will return to TMHI/SOMH for 2023/2024.


When will we find out if the Amalgamation is approved?

If the vote is approved by each association, the required documentation will be sent to the OMHA will anticipated approval by Mid-March 2023.

How will amalgamation affect Local League teams?

Each centre will maintain their current Local League teams.  U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U11LL, U13LL, U15LL, and U18LL will not be affected by this change. LL teams will continue to play in the Inter-town league.


Which arena will my Local League team use for practices and home games?
All Local League teams will use their own/current arenas for practices and games.


Does this affect the I.P. Program (U9 and down)?

No, all IP programs will continue to be run by TMHI and will have all games and practices in town.

Does this impact the Girls Lightning Teams?
No, the girls teams will continue to operate as they do today.

Thank you,
TMHI Board of Directors

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