Concern/Issue Procedure (Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc.)

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TMHI Concern/Issue Procedure:

Most problems are best resolved through open, respectful discussion. Concerns or issues may be brought forth with a discussion between the parties involved, remembering to respect the 24 hour rule. The coaching staff/ board member is to choose a neutral time and place within 5 days of concern received. Not during a game or team practice, or within earshot of players. The coaching staff/ board member is encouraged to contact another member of their coaching staff and/or another board member to attend this meeting.

If the parties are unable to reach a resolution, the Complainant must submit a completed TMHI Concerns/Issues form (found below). The completed form should be submitted to the TMHI President. If the president is the subject of the concern, the written complaint shall be submitted directly to the THMI Vice President. Whichever board member receives the concern, they are to contact within 72 hours; 1) the complainant to acknowledge receipt of form, 2) contact the remaining TMHI board members of the concern and assume they will respect the confidentiality of the concern.

The President and Vice president may attempt to resolve the concern through discussion with the involved parties. If the concern is still not resolved the Discipline Committee will be contacted and will proceed with an investigation and a meeting with all the parties involved. The committee with strive to meet at a mutually convenient time and place for both parties within 10 days. If not possible the chairperson of the Discipline Committee will set the time and location.

The Discipline Committee will discuss and decide the outcome and resolution of the concern after the parties have been dismissed from the meeting. The Chair of the Discipline Committee will notify all parties involved, and remaining THMI board members of their decision verbally within 48 hours, and by letter within 5 days of the Discipline committee meeting.