What I need for Hockey (Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc.)

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What is needed to play hockey you ask?

Here is a list of what equipment is required by OMHA and Hockey Canada in order for your child to be insured:

1) Helmet - proper fitting please do not buy with room to grow their heads are very important to protect
2) Neck guard
3) Elbow Pads
4) Shoulder Pads
5) Jock for boys or a Jill for girls
6) Pants
7) Shin Pads
8) Skates - again not too big as sloppy feet do not allow for proper learning
9) Stick
10) Gloves
11) MOUTH GUARD **** very important as the child will not be allowed on the ice without one.  Please get the child used to the mouth guard early at home and please trim it to fit the childs mouth.  A dentist made mouth guard is idea but some are not made for your younger children.

U5 to U8 provides socks and Jerseys.  After that practice jerseys and socks are required but game shirts and socks are provided.