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Tryout procedures 2017-2018

Please NOTE: Players wishing to try out for rep MUST all be registered with TMHI before the first tryout and must first try out for the Rep team and be RELEASED by the Rep Coach BEFORE trying out for an AE team (excluding Lightning tryouts).

1 - Fees - $30 fee for Novice Rep and Girls Lightning ( NO AE programs), $50 for Atom to Midget, this fee includes AE tryout if there is such a team in that division. Tryout fees are due by the first tryout date if not paid with registration.

2 - Tornado Rep Tryouts - Tornado Rep Hockey will begin tryouts after Labour Day for divisions Novice to Midget. All tryout dates for each division will be posted on the website.  Deadline for sign up for rep skates are the first night of tryouts for each division. Players are guaranteed 2 skates before any releases are given. However when a player chooses not to attend one or more of the tryouts for other commitments, the coach has the discretion to release a player after 1 tryout. 

Coaches are to run the first 2 skates. Coaches are to find their own on ice helpers with zero ties to players within that age group whenever possible. Hockey Ops will assist if needed.

***If there are more than 40 skaters trying out it will be Hockey Ops discretion as to whether or not the tryout needs to be separated into 2 groups. Thus allowing for better player exposure and coach evaluation. Player’s will be notified prior to tryouts beginning and assigned to a group if such a situation occurs ***


After 2nd skate the team will release as many as required for max of 25 skaters and 4 Goalies remaining.


  • 50 skaters, 6 Goalies Try Out
  •  Total cuts will be 25 skaters, 2 Goalies on the first wave

 The first wave of releases will be made via TMHI Website with only the player’s names being called back posted.



 3rd skate will be recommended to be an inter-squad scrimmage game if remaining #’s allow; simulate an actual game, referees, timekeepers, etc. Coaches are not to be on the bench with either side.  The Hockey Operations committee will run the bench and TMHI will provide trainers, coaches will evaluate from the stands for these games.


After inter-squad game they will release to a max of 18 Skaters and 3 Goalies. These releases will be in person with the Head Coach and another representative of the team, or a hockey ops member, or a TMHI Board member that has no ties to the team.


  • 25 Skaters remain, MIN 7 Skaters, 1 Goalie to be released



As part of the tryout procedure there will be an exhibition game(s) pre-arranged by TMHI. For Home games Hockey Ops will run the benches and TMHI will provide the trainer. Note *** For away games it is the coaches responsibility to find his or her own bench staff and Trainer with the hope that he/she can view the game from above. 

The purpose of an Exhibition game(s) is to evaluate players vs unfamiliar opponents, there is to be no focus on winning these exhibition games.  Coaches are to adjust their lineups so that player(s) “in question” have the maximum exposure for these games.


Either a tryout skate run by the coaches and his helpers or a 2nd exhibition game.


The final releases are to be made to get to your desired team.  Coaches are encouraged to take 2 Goalies, a minimum of 4 defence and 9 forwards if the talent pool is deep enough.

**Special consideration to be given to the Midget division due to possible roster size required and unavoidable commitments outside of hockey**

Players will be assigned a jersey at the beginning of the tryout procedure.  Please hand jerseys in after second skate. Jersey will be returned to called back players before inter-squad game. 

Returning players are to keep their jersey for remainder of tryout, if a player is released from the team, please return your tryout jersey to the minor hockey room immediately. Jerseys will be re-assigned for the AE tryouts

A player wishing to tryout for a rep team (including lightning rep teams) in a division higher must contact the President of TMHI in writing and disclose their reason for the player wishing to advance to a higher level. The request must be given to the President before the

first tryout.

  •  If the player is trying for a defensive position he/she must be ranked in the top two
  • If the player is trying for a forward position he /she must be ranked in the top three

2 - AE Tryouts - AE tryouts will start after the final Rep selection. AE tryouts will be a maximum of 3 skates before the team is selected. Children may be released after the first AE skate. There must be a minimum of 32 skaters registered for the first Rep tryouts in order to have an AE team for the Bantam division. Midget will be determined as per the new Midget movement Pilot project with OMHA.

3 - Lightning Tryouts – Lightning girls tryouts for Novice - Midget will be held in the spring. See the website for further details on when the girls’ skates will begin. 

4 - Local League – LL evaluations will begin after final AE tryouts. Check the website for evaluation skates. 



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