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For those that are unaware, Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc. is run by a board of directors consisting of 14 volunteers. 

We have added a mandatory $50 "Bond" per child up to a maximum of $100  per family (completely refundable).  

The Board members are responsible for organizing nearly 500 youth hockey players, and nearly 1000 parents. 

These duties include things such as balancing a nearly $300,000 budget, scheduling ice time with practices and games, arranging for travel permits, insurance, equipment, jerseys, fundraisers, etc.

The TMHI board of directors still maintains focus on one key area… Teaching and watching our local youth grow into skilled athletes.

In recent years, this Board of Directors has taken on the burden of large wish list requests from our athletes and families, as well as a larger demand for more hockey. This (as it turns out) is a much larger job then what 14 volunteers can handle. 

This money is NOT a fee.  It is a “deposit” and is 100% refundable (meaning we will return the cheque) at the end of the season.  These post-dated bond cheques must be handed in prior to skaters going onto the ice, including tryouts.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Corinne Cvitkovic -- [email protected]


Volunteer Bond Cheque

  • Volunteer bond cheques will be collected from families by TMHI Board Members at registration, tryouts and dust of your skates.  If you have missed one or all of these opportunities it will be up to you to contact a TMHI board member to submit your cheque. The volunteer bond cheques must be made payable to TMHI in the amount of $50 per child up to a maximum of $100  per family and must be post-dated for March 31, 2020.

  • A full list of bond opportunities will be available through the TMHI website.  This equals 2 hours per child, to a maximum of 4 volunteer hours per season.

  • Bond opportunities will be available on a first come, first served basis.  General bond sign-up opportunities will be made available through the TMHI website.

  • It was clarified that Board members, Hockey Moms, Coaches, Trainers, etc. would sign up on the google form and submit a post-dated cheque to be returned at the end of the season, following the same process as other stakeholders


How To Sign Up For Your Hours

  • Signup and tracking of volunteering time would be done via Google sheets, a ‘cloud’ based spreadsheet.  The link to the spreadsheet is found under the volunteer tab. 

  • The spreadsheet will contain  known bond positions available throughout the season. As events are planned and volunteers are needed the spreadsheet will be updated. 

  • With Google sheets, any changes made are tracked in revision history. Therefore, any members that delete, type over or remove anyone else’s information would automatically lose their opportunity to exchange their bond cheque for volunteer time.


Bond OPT Out

  • We appreciate that families are busy and volunteering may not always be a feasible option.  As a result we have created an option were families can pay their bond money in lieu of volunteering. During the registration process simply pay the additional fee.  Please note that the “opt out” option is only available during the registration process. “Bond opt out” is non-refundable unless approved by the TMHI Executive under special circumstances.

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