Tournament Rules, Roy Beechey Memorial Rep "B" Tournament, 2022-2023 (Tillsonburg Minor Hockey Inc.)

This Tournament is part of the 2022-2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
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All teams guaranteed a min 3 games.  Top 2 teams from each pool move on from Round Robin play play to play 1A vs 2B and 1B vs 2A winners meeting in finals.  Refer to Points and Rankings below in regards to seed rankings for division winners.  Semi Finals and Finals to be played on Sunday.

1. All OMHA Rules and Regulations apply.
2. The Tournament Convenors reserve the right to make decisions regarding the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, and as such, all decisions will be final.
3. All referee calls are final.
4. There will be a 3 minute warm-up before each game.
5. Teams must be dressed and ready to play 15 minutes before each game. If we are running ahead; games will start a maximum of 15 minutes early
6. No players are to be on the ice without a referee present.
7. Game Format:
a. Round Robin Games:  
i. 10-10-12 stop time for U11 and U13, 10-10-15 for U15 and U18
b. Elimination Games (Semi-Finals and Finals):  10-10-15 minute periods, stop time, all divisions.
8. Ice will be cleaned following all games. 

1. Teams are allowed one 30 second time-out per game during regulation time in Semi-Finals and Finals games only.
2. No time-outs allowed during overtime, or in Round Robin play.
Points and Ranking
1. Points will be awarded as follows:  2 points for a win in regulation, 1 point for a tie.  Teams will be ranked in each pool by point totals at the end of the Round Robin.  Tie breakers for point totals for division play and division winner seeding as follows, in order:
a. Total Goal % (Goals for divided by goals for plus against) ex-7 goals for, 3 against.  7/10 = .700 Total Goal %
b. Most goals scored-round robin
c. Fewest PIM total in round robin
d. First goal scored in the tournament.

Overtime Format in Semi-Finals and Finals Games
1. Teams will play 2 on 2 for a 5 minute overtime sudden victory period. 
2. If there are penalties, the team will play shorthanded (3 on 2).  Penalties will carry over from regulation time.  When a penalty has been served, the teams will play 3 on 3 until the next stoppage of play, then will return to 2 on 2. 
3. If still tied after the 5 minute overtime period, the game will be decided by a shootout. 
4. Each team will designate 3 shooters (by placing a start beside their names on the game sheet) at the beginning of each medal round game.  All 3 shooters from each team will have an opportunity to shoot.  Teams will alternate shooting on the opposing goalie until all three shooters have shot.  The team with the most goals will be declared the winner. 
5. If the game is still tied after three shooters, new shooters will be picked and the shootout will continue as sudden victory.  The first team to score without the corresponding shooter from the other team scoring will be declared the winner. 
6. A player may not shoot twice in the shootout until every other player on the team has participated in the shootout. 
7. The home team (team with highest rank) will be given the choice of shooting first or second at the start of the shootout. 

1. Any player who receives a fighting misconduct or Match Penalty will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
2. Any suspensions incurred during the tournament will be served during the tournament.  Any carry over will be served during the team’s regular season games.